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Winter Things to Do Near Fayetteville NC

Winter Things to Do Near Fayetteville NC

Fayetteville City is one of the biggest cities in Eastern North Carolina. According to the 2010 census, this city has a population of 200,564 people. Fayetteville City is also the county seat of Cumberland County. Today we will discuss winter things to do near Fayetteville NC.

Visiting Parks in Winter

Among the best winter things to do in Fayetteville city is to visit the parks. Visitors can walk, run and do many such activities in the park. Activities like running, walking, etc in parks keep the body warm and fit in the winter.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden

With an area of 80 acres, this park is a great place to visit during the winter season. The special attraction of this park is its 2,000+ varieties of plants. There are plenty of spaces for parking in this park.

The nature trails of this park are beautiful and well-maintained. Visitors can also feed the fish at the pond. They can buy food for the fish from the garden’s gift shop.

The park also holds various events like holiday lights. In the holiday light event, lights are set up in different shapes in all the areas of the garden. The lights look stunning at night. This Cape Fear park is an excellent place for a walk, a picnic, or a breathtaking view of nature.

Website & Location: 536 N Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301.

Lake Rim Park

Lake Rim Park is a beautiful park with lots of amenities. There is a natural trail in the park which is 1 mile long. Besides this trail, the park also has a few other walking trails. There are some markers along the walking trail with interesting information.

Visitors can do fishing in this park. They can paddle around the beautiful Lake Rim and feed the ducks. This park is also a great place for arranging picnics. It has a playground for the children too.

Visitors can also do sports activities in the park. They can play soccer, volleyball, and tennis in this park. The special attraction of this park is a Native American-themed garden. To sum up, this park is a great place to enjoy the Fayetteville winter.

Website & Location: 2214 Tar Kiln Dr, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304.

Museum of the Cape Fear

The museum has two floors of display. Visitors can learn about the 400 years of history of Southern North Carolina. The museum has the history of American Indians to the 20th century.

The most interesting display in this museum is the history of the American Indians. Visitors can learn about the life of American Indians before the settlers came in. They can also learn about how early exploration, as well as settlement, took place in this area.

The history of the civil war is another interesting display in this museum. Some of the weapons that were used in the time of the civil war are displayed here.

Visitors can also learn about the United States Arsenal here. In 1812, Fayetteville City was chosen for the construction of a new arsenal. But the confederate soldiers took control of the Arsenal during the civil war.

The Confederate soldiers then used the arsenals to manufacture rifles, ammunition, etc.

But after the war was over, the Union troops destroyed this Arsenal facility in 1865. Visitors can see things in Arsenal Park, which include:

  • Ruins of the Arsenal machine shops
  • Two Civil War trails.

Visitors can also see the historical Poe house that was built in 1897. The house is beautifully restored and preserved. Visitors can also learn a lot about the house and the family in the guided tour. For these reasons, the museum is a highly recommended place to spend your weekend in the winter.

Website & Location: 801 Arsenal Ave, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305.

U.S. Army Airborne & Special Operations Museum

A great museum to visit during the winter in Fayetteville city. This museum has preserved the history of Airborne & SOF(Special Operations Forces). It narrates the history of Airborne & SOF from WWII to the present. Some of the exhibits at this museum include:

  • Role of U.S. Army Airborne & SOF during WWII
  • Role of the 187th ARCT(Airborne Regimental Combat Team) in the Korean war
  • Witness the UH-1 “Huey” helicopter ready for the operation
  • “Operation JUST CAUSE” in 1989 to put an end to Manuel Noriega from power in Panama
  • Dummies of the soldiers
  • Various military equipment like tanks, rifles, military jeeps, etc

Visitors will also learn about the 2nd Ranger Company. It is the first and last black ranger unit in the history of the USA. It remained active during the period from 1950-1951, during the Korean War.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best museums in military history in North Carolina. The memorabilia from the Airborne and SOF units are incredible. Visitors will definitely enjoy their time in this Museum.

Website & Location: 100 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301.

These are some of the winter things to do near Fayetteville NC. People can visit these places in Fayetteville city to enjoy their winter season.

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