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Winter Things to Do Near New Bern NC

Winter Things to Do Near New Bern NC

If you thought all the fun resides in the summer, visiting New Bern North Carolina might change your view. Winter in this cozy town is all about entertaining activities in the snow! It includes ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and much more! Historical charms, riverfronts, and bears–lots of them also lace every New Bern corner. For this particular reason, winters in New Bern are buzzing with life. There are loads of winter things to do near New Bern, NC but before we get into all the fun stuff, let’s get you a place to stay!

Where to Stay in New Bern, NC?

There are tons of luxurious water-facing hotels you can choose from while staying in New Bern. Below we’ve listed some of the top choices you can pick from!

  • The Aerie

The Aerie, a victorian style inn built in 1882, is perfect for all trips, whether it's a vacation or a work trip. Staying at the Aerie gives you a luxurious feel with its unique decor and relaxing views. It’s also located in the heart of New Bern. Where the cheery New Bern downtown and the historical Tryon Palace are two steps away. This Inn also includes a delicious breakfast meal.

  • The Jarvis at 220

The Jarvis at 220 features four pleasant rooms. All sporting various works of art and historical charms. This decor makes staying at the inn a relishing experience. It’s situated at Pollock Street, a walkable distance from the bustling downtown of New Bern.

After making yourself comfortable at one of these inns, we recommend you explore New Bern. All the things listed below are enjoyable for a large family trip or a romantic getaway. But, if you’re looking to make the extra trip special, read our guide on things to do in New Bern, NC, on a date night!

Walk and Shop around Downtown

The best way to breathe in all that New Bern offers is to take a slow-paced stroll across the city downtown. After the bed and breakfast session, get an early start on the day to enjoy a peaceful and less crowded city area. There are lots of local businesses you can check out. Beers, outdoor equipment shops, and cozy bookstores where time hits different. One such recommendation we can’t leave out of this list is The Next Chapter bookstore. It’s a real treat for all our bibliophiles who want to lose themselves in the books.

Union Point Park

Although, New Bern is a great vacation spot for everyone. But for sunrise enthusiasts and sunset lovers, it is a special treat. At the New Bern Union Point Park, the sunrises and sunsets are spellbinding. It is an absolute delight for all sky lovers. You can visit the park anytime and stay as long as you want. Getting in right before sunrise will leave you with one of the best views around the town. You can relax as the time passes and head downtown towards the afternoon. In the other scenario, you can also spend time watching the boats sail in and out of view while the sun sets.

New Bern Bear Statues

A fun and unique way to spend the day in New Bern is to keep an eye out for all the bear statues. It’s a little fun game for visitors to discover as many bear statues as they can. New Bern sports at least 60 Bear statues all across the town. There are all kinds of bear statues across all the streets and avenues of New Bern. Some are artistic, others have a patriotic feel, while many others are elegant in their looks. These statues also depict professional bears who work for a living. They hold occupations like lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents. It’s always an aha moment to see a bear statue in New Bern! While there don’t forget to keep a count of the number of bears you saw!

North Carolina History Center

A short walk from the Tryon Palace will land you in North Carolina’s history center. It’s a perfect place to learn about the history of North Carolina, and visit museums. New Bern is also the birthplace of Pepsi. In 1835, this carbonated beverage was first developed in the city. Visit The Birthplace of Pepsi for a glass of carbonated drink and a snack break of popcorn.

You can also go on a guided tour of the African American Heritage Trail. This tour takes visitors to ten different sites significant for racial equality. There’s another tour that bibliophiles would love to take. A Walk to Remember Tour makes stops at significant locations. All from Nicholas Sparks' most well-known books. Another self-guided tour for an educational afternoon includes the Architectural Walking Tour. This showcases the variety of home styles in New Bern.

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