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Winter Things to Do Near Wilson NC

Winter Things to Do Near Wilson NC

The duration of winter is about 3 months in Wilson, North Carolina. December, January & February are the 3 coldest months. January is the coldest month of the year in Wilson. This article will discuss Winter Things to Do Near Wilson NC.

Wilson Botanical Gardens

Wilson Botanical garden is such a beautiful place to visit in the winter Wilson. The decorations and light display are absolutely stunning in the winter. This garden is a wonderful place to observe the changes of the season.

Visitors can see a variety of plants by walking around the garden. The garden also has a lot of pretty flowers. When a flower blooms, it is a mesmerizing thing to see.

Location: 1806 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

The North Carolina Whirligig Festival

The North Carolina Whirligig Festival is held once every year in the winter season. Generally, the festival is arranged in November for two days. So, attending this festival should be the top priority among ‘To do’ Winter Things Wilson NC.

The festival is real enjoyment for people of all ages. There are lots of rides and slides available for the children at the festival. There are lots of vendors at the festival selling food.

You can also see street art and beautiful crafts. Overall, it is a nice, beautiful festival to enjoy with your family & friends in winter.

Location: Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

North Carolina Baseball Museum

A beautiful little museum with lots of the amazing history of baseball. An excellent place to find out the history of baseball in NC. The museum is very well organized. It has a player searchable database where you can locate players' displays.

Fleming Museum

This baseball museum is located inside the Fleming stadium. The stadium is small. It was built in the thirties. The stadium was upgraded with modern features.

Visitors can see amateur college boys playing baseball in this stadium. The stadium has plenty of seats available for the spectator to see the games. The seats are covered by a huge roof. This roof helps block the sun and rain from visitors.

The entry fee of Fleming Stadium is very reasonable. The environment and fans of the game are just awesome. If you're a baseball fan, this is definitely a must-visit stadium/museum.

Location: 300 Stadium St SW, Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

An amazing winter thing to do near Wilson NC is to visit this place. This park features the outstanding local artist Vollis Simpson's creations. The creation of Vollis Simpson is absolutely amazing and mesmerizing.

Mr. Simpson had a very vivid imagination and a gift for creating working, functional pieces of art. It’s well worth a road trip just to see the mind-blowing artwork. The small park is designed for easy viewing. Entry is free for everyone. Besides artwork, the park also offers-

  • Massive, impressive, colorful windmills are scattered across the park. There are stations that name and explain each windmill and the history behind them.
  • Lots of spaces for children to run, play and enjoy.

This whirligig park is an amazing place. The whirligigs are beautiful works of art and mechanical wonders. The whirligig looks really amazing on a windy day. This park is a wonderful mixture of kinetic folk art and a community venue.

Farmer Market

The park also holds events like the farmer's markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the farmer's market, you can get amazing local items. A lot of local vendors with various items participate in the farmer's market. Some great local items you can get here include-

  • Local Natural Honey.
  • Fresh Sausage.
  • Wood furniture.
  • Hand-made local craft.
  • Bread etc.

Location: 301 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

Imagination Station Science & History Museum

Several permanent and changeable exhibition spaces can be found at the Imagination Station. Each exhibit is intended to focus on a particular area of science, history, or technology.

You can see the honey bees in action in the observation hive. The worker bees may be seen buzzing around the hive. At the same time, forager bees collect nectar and pollen. If you look closely, you could even spot the queen.

For kids, they have educational things like the Keva Plank Studio. Using the blocks in the studio, children can construct bridges and skyscrapers.

The museum also has a dedicated exercise room. Adults can do a little bit of exercise here. You can also arrange meetings or events here by taking it on rent.

Location: 224 Nash St SE, Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson has a lovely place to walk. You can do fishing here. Parking facilities are available here. There are also picnic tables here to arrange picnics. You can also play disc golf here.

Visitors can also do boat ramping or kayak launching here. A great place to spend a morning running or an afternoon relaxing.

The Wilson Rose Garden

A great place to walk around the beautiful roses. A very well-maintained rose garden with varieties of roses. There are gorgeous roses of almost all colors. The smell of the roses is just amazing.

The park also offers-

  • Dedicated picnic area with picnic table.
  • Gazebo.
  • Clean public restrooms.

Besides all these, this park is a great place for doing photoshoots. A must-visit place for flower lovers.

Location: 1800 Herring Ave E, Wilson, North Carolina 27893.

So, these are Winter Things to Do Near Wilson NC. Click here to learn the best things to do in Wilson NC on a rainy day.

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