Yoder’s Dutch Pantry

Yoder’s Dutch Pantry is a bakery and restaurant in Craven County, North Carolina. It is located in a rural stretch of the state and can be found between Grifton and Vanceboro. There is a Mennonite settlement in the area with almost 40 Mennonite households making the area home. It’s an ideal little town with a school, a church, and a general store that is owned and operated by a local Mennonite resident.

Yoder’s Dutch Pantry provides baked goods and eating options not just for the Mennonite community, but also to those of us outside of that community and/or just passing through town.


The staff is delightful. The waitresses are clad in long dresses. Their clothes have a modest feel to them. This is in honor of the Mennonite community. It is a common feature of Mennonite women to wear long modest dresses.

For the waitresses, their clothes are brightly colored. They wear black caps on their heads. For the caps to fit perfectly, they have to hold their hair in high buns. They also accessorize with high-top boots.

The boots allow them to move among the crowd more comfortably. They fill up coffee cups and add maple syrup to pancakes. They also add wine to your glass upon request.

Lovely Mennonite restaurant and hardware store. Delicious food. Well known for French toast. The hardware store has unique finds with handcrafted furniture. Small restaurant with a usual wait but worth it. Try the butter syrup!

Breakfast Menu

Yoder’s has a breakfast menu to be envied. They make their baked goods fresh from the oven. If you are lucky, you may find the bread still hot.

The restaurant receives a lot of good business. Residents and visitors enjoy the array of freshly brewed coffees and baked bread. Some of the big hitters on the breakfast menu include;

Combos: These are a blend of foods that would make a complete breakfast. It has a French toast combo, pancake combo, and Dutch Boy/Girl combos. Each combination comes with any side of your choice. The restaurant also has cinnamon rolls in the combo side. You can choose to have your cinnamon roll cut in half. It can then be dipped in their homemade batter. They make this batter from scratch.

Meals: The breakfast meal option is almost the same as the combo. There is a French toast meal and pancake meal. The meal worth mentioning is Grandma’s Granola. It is made from scratch. The granola is topped with fresh milk from a local creamery. Grandma’s Granola is a meal that ensures you leave Yoder’s when full.

Breakfast is served every day between 7 and 11 am. You need to be seated for breakfast by 10 am to have your French toast. This also allows the kitchen staff enough time to prepare breakfast. It also ensures they begin to prepare lunch in time.

On Saturdays, breakfast is served for the whole day. This helps everyone to enjoy their favorite French toast.

Lunch Menu

The restaurant has country recipes for all meals. They try to recreate local recipes and give them a modern twist. There are lunch specials served on a daily basis. The specials are served weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They include a dinner roll, a beverage, and your choice on 2 sides. The daily specials are;

· Monday – Roast beef

· Tuesday – Turkey, and dressing

· Wednesday – Parmesan chicken and rice or Meatloaf

· Thursday – Pork chops with gravy

· Friday – Pork chops with gravy or Beef tips and gravy over rice

Take Out and Delivery

The restaurant has more than a dozen tables placed strategically in its space. These provide ample space to sit in and have meals. The tables are spacious and sturdy.

There is no wait service outside the restaurant. If you do not want to sit at the institution for personal reasons, you can get take out. The restaurant has branded packing materials. They are able to pack your food into convenient packages. You can carry your food home or choose to eat at the restaurant.

There is no delivery service from the restaurant. You will have to get your own food or organize how it will be transported to you.


Yoder’s Dutch Pantry is known for its homemade bread. The bakery uses fruit flavors in the baked goods. Some of the baked goods at the bakery include;

1. Pies: These are divided into Classic and Specialty Pies. Classic pies include;

· Chocolate Meringue

· Coconut Cream

· Pumpkin

· Peanut Butter

The Specialty pies include;

· Apple Crumb

· Caramel Pecan Delight

· Lemon Icebox

· Strawberry/ Rhubarb

2. Bread: The homemade bread can be bought while still warm. The bread is made of wheat, multi-grain, and gluten-free.

3. Sweet rolls: These come in the following recipes;

· Frosted Cinnamon

· Sticky Bun

· Orange Marmalade

4. Cookies: The cookies are categorized into Classic and Sugar cookies. Classic cookies include;

· Chocolate Chip

· Macadamia Nut

· Snickerdoodle

The Sugar cookies include;

· Basic

· Detailed

· Elaborate

5. Muffins: There are four types of muffins at Yoder’s Dutch Pantry;

· Blueberry

· Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk

· Cranberry Orange

· Glorious Morning

6. Cakes: The available cake flavors are;

· Red Velvet

· German Chocolate

· Coconut

· Carrot

· White Chocolate

You can choose which type of icing you want on your cake. The cakes that require icing are white and chocolate cakes.

Yoder’s Farm and Garden Supply

This is a building right next door to the restaurant. It is a restaurant and hardware store. Yoder’s Farm and Garden Supply offers an old fashioned store environment. it allows shoppers to get a feel of an aged shop that sells authentic products. Among the things sold at the store include;

· Power equipment

· Ice cream freezers

· Generators

· Chicken

The store is made even more charming by the parrot, Corky. He is covered in green feathers with a yellow stripe on his head. Corky is the resident watchman at the store. He talks to shoppers and keeps everyone entertained.

Yoder’s Dutch Pantry has received a number of great reviews. It is clear that people who visit the restaurant gain an amazing food experience. The restaurant has a reputation for everything good. Whether it is the food, ambiance, or service.

A special thanks to Denise from Skyvue Skateland for providing the Adventure Tip which lead us to create this article.

Here’s what Denise told us: “A Lovely Mennonite restaurant and hardware store. Delicious food. Well known for French toast. The hardware store has unique finds also with handcrafted furniture. Small restaurant with a usual wait but worth it. Their butter syrup is delicious too.”