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Discover the secrets of Eastern North Carolina

ENC Explorer is the best guide to see all the places and activities you can do and enjoy in Eastern North Carolina.
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Are you coming to Eastern North Carolina to live, study, or vacation? Here's what you need to know.

Looking for the best restaurants?

Trying to find interesting places to visit?

Even if you have lived in Eastern North Carolina your whole live, we will show you the hidden gems still waiting for you to explore!
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Read all the guides we have, but don't miss out on our weekly updates about what's happening in Eastern North Caronlina


Why Eastern North Carolina Is The Perfect Choice?

We've written over 170 place guides so far (and growing)
We're exploring more than 20,000 square miles along the NC coast
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What can I Discover with ENC Explorer?

Places To Visit

Eastern North Carolina is full of wonderful places to visit of incalculable historical value and visual richness. We have rivers, lakes, and coastal plans.

Some of these places are:

Things To Do

This region is known for great weather, outdoor adventures, and BBQ. You'll want to visit Eastern North Carolina for great food and great fun.

Sights To See

Relax on the beaches of the Outer Banks, tour the sand dunes of Kill Devil Hills, wander through botanical gardens, or spend your afternoon touring a museum.

Eastern North Carolina has sights to entice you for an outdoor adventure - and opportunities to stay inside learning about artifacts from past explorers.

ENC Explorer gives you all the information you need to make your visit or stay in Eastern North Carolina a wonderful experience.

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