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About ENC Explorer

  • ENC Explorer, founded by Barbara and Frank Jones, was born out of a humorous yet real frustration. When planning their move to Greenville, NC for Barbara's studies at ECU, their online searches for local attractions amusingly suggested that South Carolina was awesome, and Google seemed clueless about Greenville, NC. Even local ECU students jokingly advised that the best thing to do was to graduate and leave. Undeterred, Barbara and Frank embarked on a personal exploration, uncovering a trove of activities and gems in Eastern North Carolina.
  • The website aims to provide the answers they initially sought, catering to a diverse audience that includes students, vacationers, military families, and locals seeking day trips. ENC Explorer is dedicated to shining a light on the underrated and often overlooked attractions of Eastern North Carolina with a blend of humor and thoroughness.

Our Reach

  • In 2023, ENC Explorer experienced a significant surge in popularity, with website usage increasing by 249.4% year over year. Organic social traffic also grew impressively by 291.6%.
  • Top content themes included an array of guides covering things to do across Eastern NC, date night ideas, holiday activities, rainy day options, weekend trips, and kid-friendly activities.
  • Audience demographics are varied and interesting: 44% male, 56% female; 50% with kids, 50% without; ages distributed as 39% under 40, 43% between 40-60, and 18% over 60; education levels at 40% no college, 44% college, and 16% grad school.
  • Geographically, our top cities for traffic on the website are:
    1. Greenville, NC
    2. Atlanta, GA
    3. Ashburn, VA
    4. Raleigh, NC
    5. Charlotte, NC
    6. New York, NY
    7. Jacksonville, FL
  • Website visitors have a high affinity for travel and real estate categories, being 3.39x and 3.20x more likely respectively to visit related websites compared to the average internet user.
  • The site's SEO strategy is robust, and social media growth on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is accelerating, with a jump from 2 to 225 website visits per day from these platforms over six months in 2023.

Our Work & Previous Partnerships

  • At the core of ENC Explorer is Frank Jones' extensive experience in digital marketing, reflected in the successes achieved with OptSus Marketing. While ENC Explorer is building its portfolio of partnerships, the expertise behind it is well-established.

  • Testimonial from Jeff Wiblitzhouser, Paradise Found Construction:
    "OptSus Marketing...secured first-page rankings for additional targeted keywords...Their approach was holistic and highly effective...improved our user experience...aligning perfectly with modern browsing habits...Their SEO expertise truly stands out...OptSus’s systems allow me to concentrate on my business, knowing that our digital marketing is in capable hands...They elevate and integrate it into the digital world in a way that genuinely reflects your brand’s values and goals."

  • Testimonial from Greg Heilers, Co-founder, Jolly SEO:
    "Working with Frank's social media management is a no-brainer!...I am getting a year's worth of posts across multiple channels for a fraction!...This is going to be a huge time and money saver for me."

  • Testimonial from Nikin Shah, Venture Investor:
    "I worked with Frank and OptSus Marketing during my time at Polyzen...They helped us improve our average position in search results from 51.9 to 28.7...OptSus consistently demonstrated their ability as a dependable and skilled partner...I recommend OptSus Marketing to any business seeking to enhance its digital presence in a tangible and effective manner."

  • These testimonials underscore the depth of digital marketing skills and the proven track record of Frank Jones. ENC Explorer, leveraging this expertise, is poised to deliver similarly impactful results in digital content and marketing strategies tailored for travel and relocation in Eastern North Carolina.

Future Partnership Opportunities and Deliverables:

  • Sponsored Content: Creating custom articles or features showcasing a partner's services or products.
  • Giveaways: Hosting giveaways to engage the audience and promote partner brands.
  • Readers’ Picks Contests and Promotions: Conducting contests where readers vote for their favorite local businesses, with opportunities for sponsors to gain visibility.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Crafting tailored posts for small businesses or brands to enhance their reach on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Event Sponsorship and Support: Promoting events through ENC Explorer’s channels and providing on-site social media coverage.
  • Press/FAM Trips: Writing articles and creating social media content based on experiences at sponsored locations or events.
  • Long-term Content Creation: Developing ongoing content strategies to keep partners consistently highlighted on ENC Explorer.
  • Speaking Engagements: Offering expertise at conferences, trade shows, or seminars on topics such as Social Media, Marketing, SEO, and Influencer Marketing.
  • Video Content Creation: Producing promotional videos or vlogs for partners, showcasing their services or products in action.
  • E-Newsletter Features: Including partners in a regular e-newsletter sent to ENC Explorer subscribers.
  • Custom Guides and Itineraries: Creating tailor-made travel or relocation guides featuring partner locations or services.
  • Webinars and Workshops: Hosting online sessions on topics related to travel, relocation, or digital marketing, with partner features or sponsorships.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Establishing affiliate links or partnerships where ENC Explorer earns a commission for referring traffic or sales.
  • Interactive Map Features: Placing partner locations or services on an interactive map of Eastern North Carolina on the ENC Explorer website.
  • Co-Branded Content: Collaborating with partners to create content that combines both brands' strengths and reach.

Contact Information

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