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What is Treasure ENC?

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How To Win Daily Giveaways?

After you complete the entry form for #TreasureENC giveaways, you will have one entry and could win. The next step is to gather bonus entries to increase your odds of winning. There are several ways to collect bonus entries:
Explore here
Visit local busineses and find the word of the day.
Post photos of yourself visiting local businesses and tag us on Instagram.
Share the event on your social media channels.
Follow ENC Explorer on social media.

#TreasureENC Daily Giveaways

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This Tremendous Region Is Often Overlooked, But It Offers A Wealth Of Opportunities For Us To Explore.

We’re using the #TreasureENC events to spotlight local businesses throughout Eastern North Carolina and encourage people to explore our favorite spots.
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Eastern North Carolina

Not only will you win when you explore these great locations, we're offering daily giveaways so you can win that way too.

Enter The #TreasureENC Giveaway
Entering the competition gets you one entry and the opportunity to win the daily giveaways as well as the grand prizes.

Stack Bonus Entries
Get out and explore the businesses in our area to earn bonus entries and increase your odds of winning.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful ENC.

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