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Best Parks in Kinston NC

Best Parks in Kinston NC

Kinston is one of the smallest cities in North Carolina with a population of 21,677. This city has beautiful parks where one can rest, relax, and walk to their heart's content. Being outdoors in a park is a great way to refresh yourself. This article will present the best parks in Kinston NC.

Neuseway Nature Park

This stunning natural park spans 55 acres and is brimming with entertaining activities. Neuseway Nature Park is located along the Neuse River. Though you should always check the park's operating hours. The park is currently closed on Mondays only. Some facilities in this park are:

  • Exchange Nature Center

Here, you can explore a variety of exhibits of North Carolina native plants and animals. Some of the animals you can see here include

  • Talking birds
  • Bobcats,
  • Bears,
  • Live turtles,
  • Flying squirrels
  • Venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Also, there are souvenirs for sale, like snake skins. The exchange nature center also has a saltwater touch tank. This saltwater touch tank allows visitors to observe and touch diverse coastal creatures.

  • Underground Cave

Neuseway also has an underground cave. You will find iguanas, skunks, crayfish, etc here. You will also find aquariums containing fish from the Neuse River. 

Some other activities at the Exchange Nature Center are:

  • Canoes and kayaks with paddles are available for use.
  • You can also see wildlife exhibits like deer, beavers, bears, turkeys, etc.
  • Near the campground, there are several self-guided trails.
  • Fishing Ponds

There is plenty of channel catfish stocked in the ponds. And, as long as your age is over 16, you can acquire an nland fishing license, and can fish here. If you are under 16, you can go fishing without a license in this pond.

  • Children's Health & Science Museum

The Children’s Health & Science Museum has an area of 5000 square feet. Health and science displays and programs are found here. Some of the displays in this museum are:

  • A crawl-through tunnel that looks like a human blood vessel.
  • A huge operation game.
  • A replica of a stomach, mouth, intestines, etc.

Kids can also see the way crops grow in this museum. The Museum also has a huge collection of art.

  • Campground

The amazing campground offers opportunities for hiking, canoeing, camping, and fishing. Also, for picnics, Neuseway Nature Park has a picnic shelter that has space for 100 people. The shelter is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for a picnic.

In a nutshell, the Neuseway Nature Park is a hidden gem in Kinston NC. This is one of the biggest and best parks in Kinston NC. Recommended for visitors who prefer to spend their vacation exploring a natural region.

Location: 401 W Caswell St, Kinston, North Carolina 28504.

Lions Water Adventure Park

Lions Water Adventure Park offers:

  • Three water slides,
  • A small lazy river,
  • A water park, playground for the kids, etc.
  • An Olympic-sized pool (kids need to pass a swimming test to be allowed in the larger pool.)

Food and drinks are available in the park as well as enough sitting places. There are big shaded umbrellas over the seats to save you from the burning sun.

Lifeguards are almost everywhere in the park to ensure people don’t get drowned. Moreover, people can also have access to life vests for more security. Overall, an amazing place for kids and adults.

Location: 2602 W Vernon Ave, Kinston, North Carolina 28504.

Tiffany West Park

This beautiful park has a lot of trails for one to explore. And, there is plenty of shade from all the lush trees within the park. Overall, a great place for hanging out and gathering with family, friends, maybe even your co-workers!.

Location: Kinston, North Carolina 28501.

Kinston Music Park

Kinston Music Park is a vibrant park and a highly recommended place for art lovers. It's a great place to explore the African American Music Trail. Eastern North Carolina music history can also be found here.

A small pavilion is set up in this park where community fairs can be held. This well-maintained park is also a great place to ride bikes, have a walk, or skateboard. There are mosaics, artworks, and quotes all over the park.

Location: Kinston, North Carolina 28501.

Pepsi Sprayground

A small yet beautiful place to enjoy. It has splash pads for the kids to enjoy. It has benches to sit on and take a rest. It is especially recommended for parents with little children.

Location: 800 Greenbriar Rd, Kinston, North Carolina 28501.

Kinston Rotary Dog Park

Kinston Rotary Dog park is a huge park with separate areas for big and small dogs. It is a recreational park for dogs.

There is also a beautiful and well-maintained memorial garden at the end of the park. The park also has wonderful walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic tables. There are also shades available in the park.

Location: Kinston, North Carolina 28501.

Fairfield Park

Fairfield Park is an excellent place to take your kids. So many fun activities to do here for the kids. Some amenities of this park include:

  • Splash pad.
  • Football field.
  • Tennis Court.
  • Basketball court.
  • Playground.

Overall, a great place with a lot of space for children and adults alike to exercise, play sports, and to refresh themselves.

Location: 800 Greenbriar Rd, Kinston, North Carolina 28504.

So, these are some of the best parks in Kinston NC. Click here to find out the best things to do in Kinston NC on a rainy day.

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