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Best Things to Do in Outer Banks NC

Best Things to Do in Outer Banks NC

The Outer Banks are a series of barrier islands. They are located off the coast of North Carolina in the United States. The islands separate the mainland from the Atlantic Ocean. They are a hub for tourists and locals alike.

There are many activities to take part in when visiting the Outer Banks. The region is tailored for adventure and relaxation. Some of these attractions include:

  1. Beaches

The Outer Banks has beaches that stretch for up to 100 miles. They surround the eastern coast of North Carolina. The beaches are clean and known for being family-friendly. Lifeguards are available for some. Every beach has its own specific attraction for tourists. These include:

  1. Hatteras Island shores

They are famous for sailing and fishing. They are also great for camping. Cape Hatteras is the tallest lighthouse in the United States. You can drive on the beach if you own a 4x4 vehicle.

  1. Northern shores

The main areas here are Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk. These shores are perfect for water sports. The waves are big enough for surfing and skimboarding.

  1. Southern shores

This includes Nags Head. The region is known for having wide beaches that allow for spread out. Southern shores do not have as much parking.

If you are bringing pets, you may prefer going to Duck. Dogs can be off their leash as long as they behave.

  1. Wright Brothers National Memorial

The Wright brothers were responsible for aviation development in the 1900s. They invented, built, and flew the first airplane that used a motor. For their contribution, a memorial was created for them.

There is a 60-foot monument in their honor. The monument is shaped like an airplane's tail. When visiting, you can learn more about the Wright Brothers. There is a lot of content about their lives, how they lived and what they did.

You can get guided tours of the facilities. The visitor center has a lot of souvenirs to carry home.

  1. Lighthouses

The Outer Banks have many historic lighthouses. Each lighthouse has a story and it can be fun learning about the history. Some of these lighthouses include:

  1. Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Ships that sailed along the North Carolina coast before 1875 faced a problem. There was a blind spot between Cape Henry of Virginia and Bodie Island. This forced the construction of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. It has exposed brick walls. They used about a million bricks during construction.

You can climb 220 steps to get a breathtaking view at the top. There is a themed gift shop where you can buy souvenirs.

  1. Bodie Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse has been built three times. The first one fell because it was constructed poorly, while the second was destroyed during the Civil War. The current building got a makeover in 2013 and still stands.

It can be seen from 19 miles away and is functional. There is a gift shop and museum on the lower floor if you want souvenirs. A lot of information about the lighthouse is available. It is a great learning experience and is often used by students.

  1. Jennette’s Pier

This is a great place for a fishing expedition. It is in Nags Head and stretches offshore for 1000 feet. Some of the fish caught in previous times include:

  • Dogfish
  • Trout
  • Skate

If you’re not into fishing, the pier offers great views of the ocean and beach. There is an aquarium where you can learn and view a lot of different fish types. From the lookout spots, you can see a lot of dolphins, stingrays, and jellyfish.

There is a small entrance fee that is definitely worth it. If you don’t want to pay, you can get a great view of the pier from the beach. Going at sunset will offer even better sights.

  1. Roanoke Island Festival Park

It is located in Manteo. It is a trip to the past when Roanoke was being settled in the 1500s. There is a replica of the Elizabeth II ship which you can board! Children can play with costumed sailors and play games on deck.

The American Indian Town shows how coastal Algonquins led everyday life. The town is reimagined to look like it would in the 16th century.

The best part of the Roanoke Island Festival Park is the re-enactors. Dressed in period costumes, they act out scenes from the lives of early colonies. There is a performance series and a docu-drama to go with them.

You will learn a lot about Native American society and early American history. The park is family-friendly and tailored for children to enjoy.

  1. Wild Horses

Go on a 2-hour tour to see the wild horses of Corolla. You can travel along the sand dunes and ocean for an additional great view.

The tour consists of various historical information about the region. You can stop and take photos of the wild horses.

The Outer Banks are filled with fun destinations for the whole family. There are educational and recreational activities for everyone.

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