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Christmas Lights on the Farm Middlesex NC

Christmas Lights on the Farm Middlesex NC

Big Daddy's Farms host "Christmas Lights on the Farm" during the holiday season. But what exactly is Christmas Lights on the Farm? Let’s find out!

It is an exhibit of Christmas lights. But what else can you experience during this “Christmas Lights on the Farm”?

Get to experience a hayride through an old country town. It has also been decorated for Christmas and is offered to farm visitors. After the hayride, you're not done. The "Field of Lights," which features scenes that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit, is after. Visitors are then dropped off at Big Daddy's General Store. Here children can meet Santa and Bucky the Reindeer after the hayride. After all, which kid does not want to meet Santa and one of his reindeer?

Parents can browse the General Store and select their preferred vintage candy! All while the kids visit Santa and Bucky. Before you leave, you can roast marshmallows over an open flame and enjoy some caroling.

For this event, on their website, they provide an online calendar that shows exact dates and times. Check it out or head over to 11875 NC Hwy 222 W Middlesex, NC.

Darkside Haunted Estates

Darkside Haunted Estates have revived nightmares for more than 20 years! They use monsters, mayhem, and everything else that goes bump in the night! And this Haunt Season is no different. They've added brand-new, unheard-of haunted attractions!

Every haunted attraction at Darkside Haunted Estate features dynamic special effects. These were created, assembled, and integrated by the Boo-Crew Build Crew.

An online calendar is available on their website as well as the latest ticket prices. Ticket prices include over 11 haunted attractions! Some of them are scarier than others and others will just knock your socks off! My favorite and scariest attractions are:

  • Insane Asylum – I do not want to end up going insane and living with other insane people
  • The Slaughterhouse – this reminds me of being very young and deciding to watch the movie SAW. One of my worst decisions at a young age
  • The Bundie Hotel – This just gives me serial-killer vibes
  • Rotten Korr Cemetery – From playing a ton of video games, this gives me zombie vibes. I’ve been training for this all my life
  • The Forgotten Cabin – This sounds like an awesome, creepy adventure

Those are my favorites, but head on over and decide which are your own! Darkside Haunted Estates is located at 11959 NC Hwy 222 W, Middlesex, NC.

Other Eastern NC Holiday Light Displays:

Mike's Farm

Mikes Farm plays host to a good few holiday light displays and holiday attractions. My 2 favorites are:

  • Festival Of Lights Hayride & Dinner
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Show

Let’s start with the first one.

Festival Of Lights Hayride & Dinner

It's like having dessert for breakfast during the Hayride & Dinner! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's wonderful!

Even by itself, the hayride is captivating. It brings you back to simpler times to sit on bales as a horse pulls the cart. Additionally, it gives you the impression that lovely lights surround you. And sort of in a magical world! Even though the Hayride only lasts for 30 minutes, people come from all over to take it. Some people even consider it to be a family tradition. Once a year, dessert for breakfast. When the 30-minute hayride begins, you get to experience:

  • Miles of illuminated holiday scenes
  • An artistic live nativity
  • Jolly Christmas music

No one leaves Mike's Farm without a little bit of magic, dinner tickets also include access to the hayride. You don't need to make a reservation for the actual hayride. The dinner does, regrettably, call for one. Get your ticket soon! They do sell out quickly! Visit this vintage-themed Christmas at 1600 Haw Branch Road in Beulaville, North Carolina.

The Christmas Ho! Ho! Show

Comedy and holiday music are combined in The Ho! Ho! Christmas Show. Then it transforms it into a joyful variety show.

All-you-can-eat dinners in the buffet style are a specialty of Mike's Farm. Therefore, it was inevitable that this event would begin that way! The main event comes after a delicious dinner.

The Christmas Ho! Ho! Show! You are positioned in a cozy area to enjoy the main event for the following hour. You can take a magical hayride after the main event. Don't worry; it is already included in your ticket price. For information on times, dates, and prices, don't forget to check out their page. The event's tickets do tend to sell out quickly, so beware!

Meadow Lights

Roy D. Johnson, the originator of "The Meadow Lights," started adorning his home and yard. This was for his children to enjoy. This was the start of "The Meadow Lights," more than 50 years ago. This occurred in 1969!

Each year, he increased the decoration a little more than the year before. Soon, other residents of the area joined in on the excitement of the lights. As the lights grew, so did the number of visitors who came to see them. Since then, the lights have grown from a small yard to covering over 30 acres. The event is now annually attended by thousands of people from all over the state. The Meadow Lights is the largest and most established holiday light show in Eastern NC. More than 10 acres of the exhibit are covered by a train ride!

At 4546 Godwin Lake Road in Benson, North Carolina, you can find this lovely masterpiece!

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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