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Elizabeth City NC Area Things for Teenagers to Do Over Summer

Elizabeth City NC Area Things for Teenagers to Do Over Summer

Winter is great. Just great. That's if you do not count having to shovel your driveway every morning before leaving or waking up in the cold! School days feel longer and evenings at home feel shorter, but thankfully that's all over now. Summer is here and you and I are amped up for some summertime fun! Let's jump into this article about Elizabeth City NC Area Things for Teenagers to do over Summer.

Dixieland Speedway

The world is constantly changing. Fashion has changed, food has changed and so have the neighborhoods around us. But, no matter how much the world changes, nothing gets a teen's adrenaline pumping more than fast cars going around in circles!

The first race car was built over 125 years ago and has been one of the greatest inventions. Racing brings people together, throughout the world languages differ. But popping clutches and double shifting is a universal language.

In Elizabeth City, if you want to watch great racing, then head on over to Dixieland Speedway!

Dixieland Speedway is known to have started it all. It stretches out 3/8s of a full mile. The Speedway has some of the best racing every Friday night since it started in 1983. Teens especially love the race cars making those tight turns. But let’s not forget pushing the pedal to the metal on the long straightaways! I can’t drive 55, right!! So head on over to 1520 Northside Rd, Elizabeth City, and listen to those V8 engines roar!

First Friday ArtWalk

As a teenager, being out at night with your friends makes you feel like you are on top of the world. You feel as if you have that freedom you've been craving. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, it isn't always safe to be out at night. Elizabeth City has found a solution to that.

The First Friday ArtWalk. The First Friday ArtWalk provides a safe space for everyone to enjoy the city at night. Here, teens, adults, and everyone can join in the celebration that fills the street. The ArtWalk consists of live music, demonstrations, and artwork being showcased. Businesses throughout downtown keep their doors open till later. With 29 participating businesses, you will come across a variety of:

  • Activities to do
  • Handcrafted jewelry
  • Artwork on sale and display
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops

The streets of downtown are filled with outdoor and indoor venues for your enjoyment. The First Friday ArtWalk takes place once a month, so don't miss out. Head on over to 516 East Main Street and watch the streets come alive.

Albemarle Family YMCA

Being a teenager means you are at a very impressionable age. Sports and fitness are a very important part of your life. During the summer break, you might find yourself bored from a lack of fun activities. Normally, school and college provide you with a copious amount of activities. But that's okay because Elizabeth City has you covered in that aspect.

Albemarle Family YMCA has a ton of activities to keep teenagers excited about the summer! You are able to keep fit, spend a fun day with friends rock climbing, or even just chill in their lounge. At the Albemarle Family YMCA, you can:

  • Relax in their hot tub after a great workout
  • Work on your backstroke in their indoor pool
  • Open up your pores and detox in their sauna

For all you teenagers that enjoy a good workout, here you can:

  • Get your blood pumping with their BoxMaster
  • Work on those muscle gains with the weights provided
  • Take your group of friends or join one of their group exercises
  • Take part in their strength circuit

They do also have some great activities for the whole family such as:

  • An interactive zone
  • A play zone if you have to babysit your sibling

Head on over to 1240 N Road St, Elizabeth City, and let fitness take over your summer.

Skyward Pines Equestrian Center

Being young means feeling the breeze in your hair during your carefree stage in life. You get to live in the moment and enjoy everything life has to offer. Imagine galloping through an open field. Just you and your horse splashing through puddles and jumping over streams. Not to mention riding off into the sunset.

If that gave you goosebumps of excitement. Then this might be your next favorite summer activity.

Skyward Pines Equestrian Center is able to give you that type of excitement and joy.

They offer:

  • Lessons. You will learn Western riding, Hunter/Jumper riding, basic riding, and speed events
  • Sky-High riding academy. This is to learn about what to expect when getting your own horse, and the do's and don'ts when it comes to horses
  • Youth summer camp. In a one-week horse riding camp. You will be assigned your own horse and partake in various activities. As well as different horse-riding styles
  • Instructions and plenty of hands-on training are tailored to your skill level, so if you are a beginner, no worries, you will be well taken care of.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, so head on over to 2940 W. Main St. Ext., Elizabeth City and let the fun begin!

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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