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Historic Jackson

Historic Jackson

Historic Jackson is a town in Northampton County in North Carolina. It is the county seat of Northampton County. The town is different from Jackson County and Jacksonville. All three towns are in North Carolina. Jackson Town is a small town with just as much population.

The 2010 census found 513 people living in the town. It has a small community that honors the past in the present. The town of Jackson is a safe, attractive, and dynamic place to visit. It is also perfect to raise a family and start a business.


Jackson can trace its history to 1741. This was when the Colonial Assembly of North Carolina created Northampton County. The location of Jackson was picked because it is at the center. They needed a central point for the courthouse.

The Courthouse was built in 1758. It soon began acting as a gathering place for people living in the County. It is a Greek Revival structure in a temple form. The courthouse is one of the finest buildings in North Carolina. Over time, a courthouse square developed to help accommodate the growing population. By 1819, a second courthouse was built by locals.

The town was named Northampton Courthouse until 1826. It was renamed in honor of General Andrew Jackson. He was a hero of the battle of New Orleans and later President of the United States.

The town was well known for its thoroughbred racehorses. In 1816, the founding father of American turf, Sir Archie, lived in the area. When he died, Jackson had an active Jockey Club. The club would meet at Silver Hill Plantation, in the southern part of the town.

By 1831, the town had a courthouse square, a fireproof Clerk and Register Office. This is the oldest surviving public building in the town. The Thomas Bragg House was built in 1840. Other significant buildings and places are;

· Amis-Bragg House

· Church of the Savior and Cemetery

· Jackson Historic District

· Mowfield Plantation

· Northampton County Courthouse

· Verona

All these sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The historic town is led by a Board of Commissioners and a Mayor. The Board has 5 members. The current Mayor is William J. Gossip.

Northampton County Museum

The Northampton County Museum preserves and protects the county’s heritage and culture. The museum was opened in 1986. Its founders went for a hands-on and interactive approach. This made it into a one of a kind museum that attracted many. It was established as an educational and working museum. This was to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about Northampton County. It serves as a functional educational exhibition center. The museum aims to cultivate and enhance community awareness of the county's history.

  1. The Prehistoric to Present Exhibit
    The main exhibit of the museum is the Prehistoric to Present Exhibit. It is a chronological display of nine panels. They were developed by the North Carolina Museum of History. The panels show nine stages of development, in over a million years.
  2.  Country Store Exhibit
    The country store was once the backbone of the Northampton community. It sold everything, from groceries, hardware, medical and laundry supplies. In addition to being a one-stop for all, it also served as a meeting place for locals.The exhibit is complete with a post office and looks almost as it did in the 1900s. There is even a potbelly stove where visitors can sit and play checkers.
  3. Antique Agricultural Implements
    This collection promotes Northampton’s rich agricultural heritage. It reflects native farming practices. These include planting, cultivating, and harvesting peanuts and “King Cotton”.Other notable exhibits include;
  • Community Close-Up: highlighting County communities
  • Cocoon Room and Tree House: showing native trees and wildlife species
  • Collectors Come: Displaying prizes attained by locals
  • Notable Northampton: illustrating a tribute to notable Northampton residents, past and present


Jackson is known to be very festive. There is always something in the works. Celebrations and events have a special place in the town. Some of the recurring ones are;

1. Annual Christmas Tree Lighting that takes place every December around Christmas time.

2. Annual Jackson Woman’s Club Christmas Parade that follows the tree lighting by a few days. Sometimes, the two events have been combined to create one big celebration.

3. Farm Festival in June

4. Last Saturday Oyster Roast that takes place every January

5. Classic Movies and Concerts on the Historic Courthouse Square. These happen periodically and when the need arises.


Historic Jackson in North Carolina is a family-oriented town. Most of the businesses are small-town enterprises. These include a barbershop, market, garage, farm supplies, and an attorney’s office. Most businesses operate in a monopoly. This means that they are the only business offering the service they do. For this reason, there are few business listings in the town.


The elementary school serving Jackson is Central Elementary School. CES is the newest school in Northampton County; it opened its doors for the 2006-2007 school year. It combined Seaboard Coates Elementary and Jackson Eastside Elementary schools. Jackson also has the Central Services building for Northampton County Schools. Northampton County Schools is the local educational agency for the district. The system includes 7 schools. -Wikipedia

Jackson is a quaint little town with a rich history. It is the kind of place where you will find old fashioned Market Days and a small village atmosphere. It has not changed much over the years. The residents remain connected since it is such a small community. Everyone knows everyone in Jackson, North Carolina. This gives the town a family feel. It is perfect for people who want to escape the hustle of city life. Available businesses provide the necessities. The grocery store, barber shop and community restaurant sustain locals. Jackson is big on its history. It honors both the past and present accomplishments. You can enjoy the quiet of a small town while immersing in history. Learning of a time with no technology through technology. That seems like the perfect balance.

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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