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Jacksons Big Oak BBQ Wilmington NC

Jacksons Big Oak BBQ Wilmington NC

Wilmington is one of the biggest cities in Eastern North Carolina. This beautiful city was founded in the 1730s. Wilmington city has lots of diversity in its food. Jackson’s big oak is one of the most famous restaurants in this city.

Jackson's Big Oak BBQ in Wilmington, NC has been a staple of the local community since 1984. They provide a bona fide version of barbeque and a variety of side dishes. Jackson's Big Oak BBQ continues to provide quality meals to its customers. In this article, Jacksons Big Oak BBQ will be discussed in mouth-watering detail.

Facebook Page & Location

Unfortunately, this restaurant does not have a functional website. But they have a Facebook page.

The restaurant is situated at 920 Kerr Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403. It is built on the side of the city's main road that runs north-south through the middle of town. The restaurant is shaded by a huge 500-year-old oak tree in the back.

Jackson's Menu

There is a lot of variety of dishes on this restaurant’s menu. Jackson's Big Oak BBQ is famous for its great food at a low price range.

They give the genuine East Carolina chopped barbeque taste. The restaurant also features classic side dishes and southern-style vegetables. Their fried chicken, coleslaw, and ribs are also worth checking out.

Especially, this restaurant’s fried chicken is said to be one of the best in town. The sweet tea they sell is top-tier. They also have a large collection of pies. Their Coleslaw is said to be one of a kind.

The following are dishes from their menu:

  • Chicken salad on toasted wheat bread (comes with fries and drinks)
  • Barbeque chicken white meat
  • Fried Chicken
  • Chicken tender sandwich
  • French fries and potato salad
  • Barbeque chicken and rib
  • Rib plate
  • Brunswick stew plate

Jackson's Big Oak BBQ offers smoked chicken that is juicy and flavorful. The chicken is seasoned with their special blend of spices. It is then slow-smoked for several hours. It's available as a quarter, half, or whole chicken.

Their beef brisket is another customer favorite. It is slow-smoked for over 16 hours until it's tender and flavorful. The brisket is sliced thin and served with a side of BBQ sauce.

Jackson's Big Oak BBQ's banana pudding is a homemade specialty. It’s a must-try for dessert lovers. It's made with fresh bananas, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream, and is a customer favorite.

They also offer ribs that are slow-smoked until they're fall-off-the-bone tender. The ribs are served with a side of BBQ sauce. Overall, this restaurant is known for its delicious, slow-smoked meats and sides.


Jackson's BBQ restaurant also provides catering so you can get a bbq at your next event. It provides caterings for events such as weddings, corporate events, etc.

Their catering menu features a variety of BBQ meats. The options are ribs, chicken, and brisket, as well as sides like mac and cheese, baked beans, and coleslaw.

They also offer dessert options like banana pudding and peach cobbler. The catering services can be customized to fit the specific needs of the event. They offer both pick-up and delivery options. You can contact them through their Facebook page or by phone to get more information.


Jackson's Big Oak BBQ is a casual, family-friendly restaurant. It offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has indoor seating with tables and chairs. A restaurant is a kid-friendly place too.

Jackson's Big Oak BBQ also offers takeout service for customers. Jackson's Big Oak BBQ has its own parking lot with plenty of spaces for customers. There are separate restrooms for men and women located inside the restaurant.

Unique Features

Here are some unique features that set the restaurant apart:

  • Jackson's Big Oak BBQ offers a vinegar-based BBQ sauce that's tangy and flavorful. The sauce is made in-house and is a signature component of many of their dishes.
  • The restaurant specializes in slow-smoked barbecues. This involves cooking meats for hours at a low temperature over hickory wood. This traditional technique imparts a rich, smoky flavor to their meats.
  • Their homemade banana pudding is a customer favorite and a unique offering.
  • They're a popular option for catering since they can supply delicious BBQ food for big crowds.


The restaurant has a good reputation for its food among the customers. One customer named Heather wrote,

“Jackson's is an institution. Renowned for barbeque, fried fish and down home country cooking. I've eaten here several times and my fellow diners are always happy and stuffed to the gills when we leave. And the banana pudding is apparently to die for! …Their unsweet tea is excellent and plentiful.”

Customers praise the flavorful and tender meats, homemade sides, and friendly service. The waiters are knowledgeable about the menu and are very nice. Many reviewers have praised the tender meat they slowly cook.

Wilmington city is a port city too. If you are a seafood lover, check out the Top 5 seafood restaurants in Wilmington NC.

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