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Sky-Vue Skateland

Sky-Vue Skateland

Sky-Vue Skateland is a great place to enjoy skating. People of all ages can enjoy skating in this place. Various events are held at this place throughout the year. 

Sky-Vue Skateland Story, Website & Location

In September 1958, Pauline Holder and Vernon constructed and inaugurated the Skateland. This Skateland was opened to provide family fun for the Rocky Mount and its surrounding areas. 

It has become a family business and second-generation owners are operating this business. Denise Watkins and David Holder are now in-charge of this iconic local business. 

This Skateland has an excellent functional website. Check out their website to know more about the pricing, opening hours, etc. 

Website & Location: 13734 US Hwy 64 Alt W, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27801.

Amenities of Sky-Vue Skateland 

This Skateland offers many amenities for its visitors. It has lots of enjoyable activities for its visitors. Visitors can do the following things here:

Play, Skate, and Enjoy

In the large skating area, this Skateland provides play and skating activities. Older people can bring back their childhood memories while skating. Kids can ride on the toys. Scooters are also available here for the kids. Overall, it’s so much fun place to go. 

Arrange Birthday Parties

If you arrange birthday parties for her, all you have to do is to bring the cake and invite the guests. This Skateland will take care of all other arrangements for the party. This Skateland offers its visitors two types of parties. Kids' birthday parties and Nerf Birthday parties. 

Kids' birthday parties are for little children. At this birthday party, visitors will get the following amenities:

  • Rental skate options.
  • Games, activities, and skating for visitors.
  • Party table. 
  • Soda/pizza/ popcorn depending on the birthday party package visitors select.

Nerf parties are basically for teenagers. At nerf parties, visitors will get the following amenities:

  • Protective eyewear.
  • Blacklight or neon game jerseys. 
  • Visitors can bring their nerf guns if they want. 
  • Some nerf guns are available here. 
  • Game master.
  • Party table.
  • Popcorn and soda.

A great thing about arranging birthday parties here is that there’s a lot of party space. Birthday parties here can be customized according to one’s specifications. One visitor was highly impressed at the arrangement of the birthday party and wrote,

“We had the best experience having my son's 7th birthday party there!  It was so easy to book, plan, and enjoy the party. They do everything for you and it was engaging and entertaining the entire time. We will definitely be booking more parties in the future!”

Arrange Family Gatherings

It is a great place for a family get-together. On the family gathering package, you can invite up to 40 guests. You will get the chance to celebrate here for 2 hours if you choose a family gathering package. In the family gathering package, you can bring your food from outside. 

Group Skating

Two hours are allotted for group reservations. The admission includes your selection of skate rentals. The fun of private rentals, like group rentals, is just amazing. Everyone appreciates learning new skills while spending time with friends.

Sky-Vue Skateland has complimentary wifi for its visitors. You can buy food and drinks from the snack bar here.

Guidelines to Follow Here

It’s a family-friendly fun place. So, visitors have to follow some guidelines here. For instance, a modest dress code is much appreciated here. Visitors can follow the school dress guidelines. The following types of dress are not welcome here:

  • Spaghetti straps.
  • Short shorts.
  • Sagging pants.
  • Bare midriffs.
  • Tank tops. 

It is prohibited to bring outside food or beverages because of safety concerns. However, if you have taken a family gathering package, you can bring your food here. Except for parent chaperones, everybody should wear skates during evening sessions.

Afternoon sessions are perfect for new skaters, children, and families. Also, beginners should skate slowly to avoid potential injuries. 

Why You Should Visit the Sky-Vue Skateland

This is a great place to enjoy your time with family and friends. Skating is a great exercise. It allows people to develop skills while they are having fun. Parents who have kids can do skating here with their kids. 

People who know nothing about skating can learn skating here. Visitors can put on their skates or borrow a pair here for skating. 

The Atmosphere of this Skateland

The owner and staff are super friendly, nice, and very accommodating towards visitors. They can help you solve any issue there if you have one. It’s a safe place to drop kids off and go back and pick them up. The staff and the owners are very watchful here towards the kids. 

Sky-Vue Skateland is an amazing place to have family-friendly fun in Rocky Mount. If you are looking for a safe and fun venue for skating in Rocky Mount and surrounding areas, come to the Sky-Vue. Overall, it’s a safe place for kids to hang out and have fun without getting in trouble. 

Rocky Mount has lots of amazing places to visit during winter. Read this article to find out the winter things to do near Rocky Mount NC. 

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This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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