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Things to Do in New Bern NC For Valentine's Day

Things to Do in New Bern NC For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is a day for expressing your love in whatever way you see fit. The problem comes when we sometimes don’t know how to do that. And that’s where I come in. I have created a list of things for you to do to express your love on Valentine’s day. So let’s check out what are some of the things to do in New Bern NC for Valentine’s day.

Romantic Dinner

A good way to start off a day is with a tasty meal. On Valentine’s day, we would preferably look for a restaurant with a romantic setting.

Also, fun fact, dates start off with a meal because we are all moody when we are hungry!

Let’s check out which are some of the places you can take your partner for a meal on Valentine’s day.

Christoph's On The Water

Christoph’s On The Water is the best Riverfront Dining in New Bern. No matter where you sit, you get the most spectacular view. It works well as a romantic setting for Valentine’s day. That’s because at night the lights bounce off the water and make a stunning backdrop.

Here you can expect upscale food served with a relaxed attitude. That kind of takes the pressure off you a bit. It is also the best place in New Bern to enjoy live music and cocktails.

Their menu consists of regional, American, and international variations of steak. As well as seafood, and house specialties.

I would definitely recommend this as a restaurant you should try for Valentine’s day. Head on over to 100 Middle St, New Bern, NC.

Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant

Persimmons is a family-run waterfront restaurant. And is located on the banks of the Neuse River. In August 2010, they first opened their doors.

Three distinct dining spaces can be found here:

  1. The upscale dining area upstairs
  1. The gorgeous waterfront dining area outside
  1. The grand room downstairs

Each of these provides a beautiful yet unhurried environment. Fresh food, the best customer service in the area, and beachfront dining are all available. Persimmons specializes in contemporary cooking using ingredients that are sourced locally. They also host numerous special occasions.

Visit 100 Pollock St. in New Bern, NC, for some delectable cuisine and a breathtaking view.

Captain Ratty's Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the corner of Middle Street in New Bern. Captain Ratty's has been serving both locals and visitors since 1999. The award-winning restaurant combines a trendy, and chic

atmosphere with a culinary scene that supports its diverse menu. This combination has led many people to refer to Captain Ratty's as New Bern's best-kept secret.

Diners can take advantage of the most varied dining experience New Bern has to offer. It includes:

  • Roomy dining areas
  • A contemporary wine bar
  • Recently renovated Stubbs Pub
  • A rooftop with views of the river and the city

Captain Ratty's made aesthetic improvements in 2021 that improve the experience for visitors. Customers can now access a number of private rooms, including a rooftop bar. And that’s what makes this place a truly romantic dinner setting for valentine’s day. Check out their website or head on over to 202 Middle St, New Bern, NC.

Take A Nicholas Sparks Tour Of The North Carolina Coast

There is nothing better than cuddling up with a Nicholas Sparks novel. Unless you're doing it in one of his beach venues.

It is simple to understand why Sparks enjoys both writing and living in North Carolina. With this four-day trip that visits:

  • Charming historic towns
  • Peaceful beaches
  • Tidal rivers
  • Lovely marshes

It's also simple to take in the real-life settings that serve as inspiration for his books. Let’s check out what you and your partner can get up to for the first 3 days of this 4-day tour.

Day 1: Edenton

The Rescue is set in the picturesque Edenton. It is situated on the Chowan River and Albemarle Sound. One of Sparks' more intimate works, the book, was motivated by his son.

Take a guided walking or trolley tour to see the Episcopal Church and the town library. These play an important role in the book.

Day 2: Williamston, Washington & New Bern

Williamston has a redeveloped downtown and many historic buildings. It is situated right on the Roanoke River.

Historic Washington was the first American city to bear George Washington's name. This happened when it was founded in 1776. The Pamlico River Promenade and the NC Estuarium can be visited downtown. As well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

Novels by Sparks specifically mention New Bern. Places that are mentioned in his books and are part of the walking tour are:

  • The Alfred Cunningham Bridge leading into town
  • The Masonic Theatre and Centenary Methodist Church
  • The historic Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • The docks behind the waterfront DoubleTree by Hilton

Many visitors to New Bern begin at Tryon Palace. It served as the North Carolina government when the city was the state capital in the late 1700s. In addition to taking one of the walking tours.

Day 3: Ocracoke

The setting of Sparks' most recent book is Ocracoke. This is one of the Outer Banks' most southern islands that can only be reached by water or air.

As you explore, make sure your camera is ready! There are so many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. Explore the village, where you can find:

  • Entertainment
  • Dining and retail outlets
  • The Ocracoke Lighthouse
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This place is for Publicity

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