Twisted Creek Outfitters Hunting Preserve

Twisted Creek is located in Enfield, North Carolina. It is in Halifax County. The property is a haven of nature, with farmland and timber making up most of the terrain. There is a creek along the back of the property. The region is littered with hardwood trees of all kinds. There are numerous game trails on the property. These make excellent hunting points and make the place a paradise for hunters.

“We also host a weekend family fun weekend that includes boating, kayaking, and bike riding. There are also visits to the canal and paranormal museum.” 

– Quote from Twisted Creek Outfitter 

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston is a hydroelectric reservoir in North Carolina. It covers 20,000 acres and is 35 miles long. The lake has about 350 miles of shoreline. It is a number of North Carolina counties, including;

· Northampton

· Halifax

· Warren

The lake was formed by the Virginia Electric Power Company (VEPCO). The company built a dam on the Roanoke River. This was to generate electricity for Dominion Resources. This is the company that owns the lake. There are four hydroelectric generators at the dam. Together, they generate a capacity of 224 megawatts.

Lake Gaston also offers many recreational activities. These include;

· Canoeing

· Kayaking

· Paddleboarding

The lake is a common vacation spot for visitors to the states of Virginia and North Carolina.

Hunting Opportunities

Twisted Creek offers various hunting opportunities for beginner and experienced hunters. They have put up tree stands, blinds, and tripods to keep track of the animals to be hunted. The prey includes;

· White Tail Deer

· Turkeys

· Small game like rabbit

Twisted Creek makes hunting these animals easier. They have mastered feeding areas and strategic spots to best hunt them. The animals are on constant observation and their patterns are recorded. This allows Twisted Creek Outfitters to have at least a rough idea of where to find the animals.

The property is located in an area with high deer populations. The region has thousands of acres of woodland, wetland, and farmland. It is the perfect habitat to attract different game species.

There is an auction for a licensed hunting trip with a guide. The guide is Rodney Duke, who has 30 years of experience in tracking and hunting game species. The hunt is held on Tillery public game land. The area covers 5,216 acres. It involves an old-school hunt with no technology. There will be no bait, no tree stands, and no blinds.

The trip is supposed to allow hunters to rely on their knowledge and skills. Rodney will help participants track the deer. He will guide on understanding animal movement and natural habitat. The hunt is to take 2 full days in either the field or woods. The trip includes the following guidelines;

1. Bring a backpack to carry supplies

2. Carry ammo, a knife, and hand warmers. You can also carry wet wipes to clean your hands after the hunt and harvest.

3. Pack a lunch and water. You can bring non-alcoholic drinks to last the 2 days.

4. Dress warmly. Remember to wear a blaze orange hat or vest

The hunt is to take place on December 6 and 7, 2021. The winning bidder will receive lodging in the guest cabin. The cabin has full modern accommodations, including;

· Electricity

· Heat

· Television

· Mini fridge

· Comfortable beds

· Full bathroom

· Keurig coffee maker

· Coffee pods

The auction bid starts at $800. Participants can send in their offers at the official website. The winner will be notified on Saturday, November 20, 2021. Payment can be paid by debit or credit.


The fishing trips happen at Lake Roanoke Rapids and the Roanoke River. They are available between May 15 and September 10. The trips are carried out aboard the 2020 Tracker Grizzly 1754 SC fishing boat. It goes past the banks and near the shores, looking for game fish in the area.

Both the Lake Roanoke Rapids and Roanoke River are full of game fish. The species include;

· Bass

· Catfish

· Bluegill

· Crappie

· Striped bass

All fishing trips come with a guide who helps with driving the boat. The guide also takes care of the fishing equipment, bait, and other required details. It allows you to simply enjoy the experience.

You are required to make a reservation prior to your trip. All trips need a 25% deposit for a booking. Each trip allows a maximum of 2 people. You can carry drinks and snacks in a cooler for your trip. No alcoholic content is allowed on the boat during fishing.


Twisted Creek offers two cabin options. These are;

1. The guest cabin

This has a full-size bed and two twin beds. There is a full bathroom with a shower and HVAC ac/heat. The cabin also has a mini-refrigerator, television, and DVD player. The kitchen has a Keurig coffee maker with coffee packs. It is also equipped with a full-size grill that is outside.

2. The sportsman cabin

This offers a more rustic option. The amenities include;

· 3 comfortable twin beds

· Gas heat

· Toilet with sink

· Propane cooking stove

· Full-size outdoor propane grill

· Coffee pot with coffee

· Dishware and silverware

· Firepit

· Game processing and cleaning area

Those staying at the sportsman cabin are required to carry their own sleeping bag and pillow.

Both cabin options are great getaway options.

Twisted Creek Outfitters is a great outdoor recreation company. It offers special guided trips for hunting and fishing. The available activities are suitable for individuals, families, friends, and small groups. The facility offers affordable prices for extraordinary experiences.