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Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge Goldsboro NC

Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge Goldsboro NC

Welcome to Goldsboro, North Carolina, where excitement and adventure await at the one-of-a-kind Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience as we delve into the exhilarating world of axe throwing. 

Whether you're looking for a unique group activity, a memorable party venue, or a corporate outing with a twist, Whoopaxe Lodge has you covered. Let's dive deeper into the captivating offerings of this adrenaline-pumping destination.

Unleashing Your Inner Warrior

At Whoopaxe Lodge, axe throwing takes center stage. Unleash your inner warrior as you master the art of hurling axes toward the target with precision and finesse. This thrilling activity combines skill, technique, and a dash of competitive spirit. Challenge your friends, colleagues, or even strangers to an epic battle of bullseyes and see who can reign supreme. The lodge provides a safe and controlled environment, ensuring a fun-filled experience for all.

The Whoopaxe Lodge Experience

Setting the Stage: Ambience and Atmosphere

Step into the world of Whoopaxe Lodge and be transported to a realm of rustic charm and energetic vibes. The lodge boasts a captivating ambiance, with dim lighting, industrial decor, and a backdrop that exudes a sense of adventure. The air is filled with anticipation and excitement, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Professional Guidance and Safety Measures

Safety is of utmost importance at Whoopaxe Lodge. Expert instructors are on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of axe throwing, ensuring proper technique and adherence to safety protocols. They will provide thorough instructions, helping beginners feel at ease while offering valuable tips to seasoned throwers. With their guidance, you'll quickly find yourself hitting the bullseye like a pro.

Group Fun and Special Occasions

Parties That Pack a Punch

Looking for an extraordinary venue to celebrate a special occasion? Whoopaxe Lodge has you covered. Whether it's a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette gathering, or any other festive event, this lodge is the perfect place to create lasting memories. Gather your friends and loved ones for an axe-throwing extravaganza that will have everyone talking for years to come.

Corporate and Team-Building Outings

Escape the monotony of traditional corporate events and infuse your team-building activities with an adrenaline rush. Whoopaxe Lodge offers an ideal environment for fostering team cohesion and friendly competition. Engage in friendly matches, cheer each other on, and witness the bonding that takes place when colleagues become axe-throwing comrades.

Google Maps review by Mark H.:

"The axe-throwing experience at Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge was a blast! The instructors were patient and provided great guidance. It's the perfect activity for groups or a fun date night. Highly recommended!"

Planning Your Visit

To ensure a seamless experience at Whoopaxe Lodge, here are some essential details you need to know:

  • Booking: While walk-ins are welcome, it's recommended to make online reservations, especially for groups of six or more
  • Pricing: The lodge offers various packages to suit different needs, with prices ranging from $17 for 30 minutes of throwing per person to $40 for 90 minutes. Spectators can also enjoy the experience for a fee of $6
    • Discounts are available for kids and groups of six or more, making it an affordable and enjoyable outing for everyone

Unwind and Delight in Local Culinary Delights

After an action-packed evening at Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge, indulge in the vibrant dining scene that surrounds this extraordinary venue. Whether you crave a hearty meal, thirst-quenching beverages, or a lively atmosphere, Goldsboro has it all.

Sports Bars and Microbrews

  • Heroes Sports Oyster Bar and Grill: The name "Heroes" was carefully chosen to reflect their deep appreciation for the everyday heroes who protect and serve Goldsboro NC. During the day, they welcome families and provide a family-friendly atmosphere where all can enjoy a great meal together. As the evening approaches, they transform into an entertainment venue catering to adult crowds. 
  • East Coast Wings & Grill: There's something on the menu for everyone! Burgers, Award-winning wings, apps, and wraps. Easy online ordering for take-out, delivery, and/or to dine in. Enjoy delectable bites, a well-stocked bar, and a friendly atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more
  • Goldsboro Brew Works: If you're a beer aficionado, Goldsboro Brew Works is a must-visit destination. This microbrewery combines creativity and craftsmanship to produce a variety of unique and flavorful brews. Pair your beer with delicious bites and immerse yourself in the local craft beer scene


  • Los Fogones: Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine at Los Fogones. From mouthwatering tacos to succulent grilled meats, every dish is a celebration of authentic flavors. The warm and lively atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts
  • Vail House Oyster Bar: If you're a seafood lover, Vail House Oyster Bar is a true treasure. Indulge in freshly shucked oysters, succulent crab legs, and a variety of other oceanic delights. With its cozy coastal ambiance and wide selection of libations, this oyster bar provides a delightful culinary escapade
  • Barrique Restaurant: Step into Barrique Restaurant and savor the art of fine dining. This upscale establishment offers a menu filled with exquisite dishes prepared with the utmost attention to detail. From perfectly cooked steaks to delicate seafood creations, every bite showcases culinary mastery.

Facebook review by Sarah P.:

"Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge exceeded all my expectations! The escape rooms were challenging and immersive, keeping us on our toes the whole time. The staff was friendly and made our experience truly memorable. Can't wait to go back!"


Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge in Goldsboro, North Carolina, is a hidden gem that will ignite your sense of adventure and provide endless thrills. Whether you're exploring the captivating escape rooms that transport you to different worlds or engaging in the exhilarating sport of axe-throwing, this unique destination guarantees excitement and fun at every turn.

To complete your visit, or evening, to Goldsboro, make sure to indulge in the local culinary scene. Nearby, you'll find a variety of sports bars and restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring a satisfying dining experience before or after your adventures at the lodge.

Reservations are encouraged but not required, allowing you to seize the opportunity for spontaneous fun. For those planning private parties or seeking a more personalized experience, you can easily reach out via direct message (DM) or email to book and discuss arrangements.

So, unleash your sense of adventure, and embrace the thrill of axe-throwing at Whoopaxe Throwing Lodge. With a spirit of curiosity and enthusiasm, prepare to open up a can of Whoopaxe and create unforgettable memories in Goldsboro, North Carolina!

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This place is for Publicity

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