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Educational Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC

Educational Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC

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Jacksonville is the youngest city in the United States. The city is in Onslow County, North Carolina. Though Jacksonville is the youngest city, it always represents big. Jacksonville serves a large military. Jacksonville is the home of the United States Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune. It is also the home of New River Air Station. 

Moreover, Jacksonville offers plenty of museums and science centers. It also offers historic landmarks in many places. So, this summer, give your kids some more fun memories. And let them explore the plenty of educational things to do in Jacksonville NC.

Zing Zumm Children's Museum

  • Zing Zumm Children's Museum. It is a non-profit museum. The museum locates in downtown Jacksonville. It offers plenty of educational things to do in Jacksonville NC. The museum promotes many educational programs for children from 0 to 10. At the museum, kids receive excellent interactive learning experiences. The museum offers at least 20 interactive exhibits for families. At the museum, kids get fun with the marketplace exhibit. There is also a bakery exhibit. And a dental exhibit offers lessons about kids' dentistry. At Zing Zumm Children's Museum, you can explore a science center too. The science center offers an astronaut station. At the station, kids can pretend as if they are real astronauts, or they can learn about NASA astronauts. Also, there is a creative station. There is also a discovery station and a weather exhibit station at the science center. The museum is perfect for field trips from preschool to 5th grade. The park is open almost every day (9 am to 6 pm).

Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center

  • Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center is there when it comes to studying nature. It is a nonprofit organization too. Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center locates in downtown Jacksonville. The center provides various educational things to do in Jacksonville NC. It offers nature and science education to students from k to 12 and adults. The organization provides many educational programs. Summer camp, planetarium, and nature shows are all fun exploring. There is a teen science center too. Also, there are science programs for little kids and home-schooling kids. Summer field trips are always special at Sturgeon City Environmental Education Center. The center is perfect for any event. At the waterfront park or boardwalk, families can enjoy the day. At Sturgeon City, reservations are always required to enjoy the programs.

Lynwood Park Zoo

  • Lynwood Park Zoo in Jacksonville is the best place if you want to give some love to animals. It is a veteran-operated sanctuary. The zoo provides plenty of educational things to do in Jacksonville NC. Lynwood Park Zoo exhibits wildlife from different backgrounds. In the zoo, every animal has a story. The zoo takes care of abandoned animals and sick animals. It also offers educational programs on animal care, animal agriculture, and zoological internship. It's always fun to make field trips to Lynwood Park Zoo. But make sure you schedule your visit before you go.

Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum, Gibsonville, NC

  • While there are plenty of educational things to do in Jacksonville NC. But, Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum in Gibsonville, NC, may attract you the most. The museum is an important historic landmark. It reflects African-American contributions in North Carolina. Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum offers plenty of exhibitions and events throughout the year. It also provides educational programs on African American history. It also focuses on women’s history and social history. Also, virtual field trips are available at Tour NC [email protected] Home.

UNC / Carolina Basketball Museum

  • Carolina Basketball Museum offers a rich history. It is all about the University of North Carolina’s men’s basketball program. Carolina Basketball Museum locates in the city of Chapel Hill. A five-minute video in the museum will tell you the history of North Carolina basketball. The artifacts around the museum exhibit a hands-on display of the program. The best part – there is no admission fee, so you can enjoy the museum whenever you want.

Textile Heritage Museum

  • Textile Heritage Museum locates in Burlington, North Carolina. The museum shows how the old textile industry was in North Carolina. The historic landmark offers 50 artifacts. These are all about textiles. The Textile Heritage Museum has a gallery too. It displays military uniforms. Admission is always free to the museum. The guided tours are available. Though it needs prior reservation.

The Tryon Palace

  • North Carolina History Center locates at Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. The Palace is a famous historic landmark. It is of 18th-century royalty. Tryon Palace looks back on the royal governor of William Tryon and his family. The 18th-century palace showcases a historic garden. The museum inside the Palace showcases history. North Carolina History Center offers exhibitions. It also offers interactive activities on history. It shows artifacts too. The museum has four main galleries. 

The museum has four main galleries. They are the,

  • Pepsi Family Center
  • Regional History Museum
  • Duffy Gallery
  • Guion Gallery

Tryon Palace also offers special events throughout the year. Tryon Palace offers group tours of all sizes. Like motor coach tours, family reunions, garden clubs, school field trips, and more. North Carolina History Center is open almost every day (10 am to 5 pm). Virtual field trips are also available. So, you can explore North Carolina’s first permanent capital.

African-American Heritage Trail

  • African-American Heritage Trail locates in Onslow County, North Carolina. The heritage trail is an important historic landmark. The trail highlights historical markers throughout Onslow County. The markers represent rich African-American heritage in the county.

So come, explore Jacksonville, NC and experience some fun-filled education.

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