Historic Washington NC

With 9.02 square miles of total area – 8.19 square miles of land and 0.83 square miles of water, Washington NC sits in the state of North Carolina. The city is elevated 10 feet above sea level and has an estimated population of 9,470 people. It is the first city to be named after the first president of the United States — George Washington! 

Welcome to the Original Washington!

The Historic Washington NC is a land of history and tradition It was established in 1776. This city is an integral part of the history of the United States. It would be impossible to tell the history of the US without making references to Washington NC.

Washington NC played a vital role during the battle for independence. It catered for American troops when all other ports were under attack by the British. It was the only available major supply port. Being a minor settlement at the time, it’s quite impressive that this town could accomplish such a feat.

This is a critical time in United States history. You could say that it represents the very heart of the American people. Come take a look around, and stay awhile. 

Beaufort County

Originally named Pamptecough, this county was renamed to Beaufort County. It is very prosperous, owed to its rich history and culture. The agricultural and industrial sectors especially experience growth.

This county is hospitable to anyone and everyone interested in the southern charm. The sunset is always a beautiful sight. In addition to this, there are many relaxation spots along the waterfronts to help you ease into the moment.

Pamlico House

Should you find yourself in the state of Southern Charm, you will want to stay longer. Once that idea comes up, you will need a place to stay temporarily. Not to worry, the Pamlico House is just right up your alley. 

Pamlico House Bed and Bath is similar to the global Airbnb. Located at 400 East Main Streets in Washington NC, they give you access to the southern charm Washington NC is widely known for. They then take it that one step further by adding a strong feel of home into the mix.

Expect the best service, with features such as free wireless internet, private baths in each room, complimentary coffee/tea and soft drinks, a pet-friendly room and other benefits with the sole aim of maximum comfort for the city’s guests.

Pamlico River

Your time in Washington NC is not complete without a visit to Pamlico River.

Pamlico River is tidal, and is home to a large variety of aquatic life. The river allows you to enjoy the experience of a boat ride in open waters. Every year, this is the center of attraction for hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Civil War

The United States history is largely a function of the events that occurred during the American War. In the middle of this war, a civil war broke out in North Carolina.

There is a war that broke out in Washington. It is known as the Siege of Little Washington. It is a significant time in the history of North Carolina, with respect to what it is today. You can easily find out more on the North Carolina civil war when you make a visit.

Historic District

The importance of maintaining values and traditions cannot be overemphasized. There is no great future if the past is a blur. The Historic District believes in this idea and takes positive actions toward it. 

The district covers a relatively large area in the county. It is made up of 512 buildings. Some of the buildings are institutional while others are commercial. The district nods to unforgettable pasts, serving as an immortal solid memento. 

George Washington

Few people exude the type of greatness that America’s very first President, George Washington, did. George Washington is a man who always stood by his words. He was a man that understood the importance of integrity. Washington NC and the United States, as a whole, was founded on some of his principles.

George Washington believed in independence for all. As a prominent figure in the country, he stood for honesty, unity, and justice. He stood against anything and anyone that was against the Rule of Law. To a large extent, he defined the United States as we know it.

Washington NC is proof that George Washington lived by principles that he truly believed in. The town has known only peace and progress for decades. It is little wonder that this town is named after such an amazing individual. 

Washington Harbor District

The very core of a community’s progress and development is dependent on its local talent. For Washington NC, this local talent means artisans, craftsmen, and farmers. The Harbor District is a structure that supports the development of Washington NC. This is why it must be sustained.

The Washington Harbor District is tasked with one mission – to provide support to the community’s local talent. These amazingly hard working people deliver the finest of arts and crafts, becoming sources of pride to the community as a whole. Furthermore, they are collectively a symbol of education on what it truly means to be an active part in progress.

In addition, the Washington Harbor District generates revenue for the entire town. Income is not the purpose of the harbor district, but it does a good job at it.

Register Of Historic Places

The Register of Historic Places provides you with a list of must-visit locations. For Washington NC, there is quite the number of listings. A few places of interest for you on the Register of Historic Places include:

  • West End Branch 
  • Bowers-Tripp House
  • The Bank of Washington
  • The Washington Historic District 
  • Beaufort County Courthouse, among others.

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Looking for other Historic Areas across Eastern North Carolina?

Be sure to review our complete list of historical sites and other attractions across Eastern North Carolina in our main article here: The Historic Albemarle Trail.

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