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Things for Kids to Do in Washington NC

Things for Kids to Do in Washington NC

Washington, NC is a charming city with plenty of activities for kids. The city has plenty of parks and museums with great views of the waterfront. Washington has a rich history and some noteworthy places to visit. Today we will discuss things for kids to do in Washington NC.

North Carolina Estuarium

The North Carolina Estuarium is a popular museum located in Washington. The museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the state's coastal estuaries. These are significant ecosystems that house numerous plant and animal species.

The museum's interactive displays instruct visitors about the ecology of the estuary. They also feature live animals and interactive exhibitions. Visitors may also discover the past of the estuary. They also show how people have influenced the environment through time.

Children may engage in a variety of interactive displays and games at the estuarium. The museum has a touch tank where children can get up close and personal with marine animals. Kids can interact with animals such as crabs, sea stars, and sea urchins.

The museum offers a variety of educational programs and workshops for children. They consist of summer camps, outings, and special occasions. Together with other excursions, they provide family-friendly guided tours.

Scavenger hunts for kids of all ages are available in the museum. Children are encouraged by these hunts. They will want to explore the exhibits and discover more about the ecosystem of the estuary.

Website & Location: 223 E Water St, Washington, NC 27889.

Goose State Creek Park

Parks are one of the best places for children to spend their time. The children can run, walk or just enjoy nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they can breath fresh air in the park.

Goose Creek State Park is a beautiful state park in Washington, NC. They offer a variety of recreational activities for families with children. The park has several hiking trails that are suitable for children of all ages.

Hiking trails are very enjoyable for children of all ages. On a holiday, things like hiking trails can bring a lot of joy to their faces.

Children have the opportunity to explore the park thanks to the paths. Kids will get to see wildlife and enjoy a variety of natural settings. Seeing wildlife in the park gives the children a great opportunity to learn about nature.

There are several ponds and rivers at Goose Creek State Park that are suitable for fishing. Another activity kids might attempt is fishing.

There are various streams in the park that are ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Exploring the park's rivers may be a fascinating and thrilling excursion for kids.

There are many picnic spots available for families. So, children along with their families can enjoy an amazing picnic in the park too. If the children are old enough, they can themselves arrange a picnic in this park.

Website & Location: 2190 Camp Leach Rd, Washington, NC 27889

Havens Gardens

Among kid things to do, visiting this garden is a great idea. This garden spreads across 5 acres. They have a variety of plant species, including native wildflowers, herbs, and perennials. Children can explore the garden's pathways, bridges, and water features.

The garden is designed to be a natural and interactive environment. Children can discover new things around every corner. They can learn about the different types of plants. They will also learn how they affect the park's ecosystem.

Havens Gardens is a popular picnic spot. You can take your family out to enjoy quality time bathing in peace and quiet. The garden has an open space that is perfect for children to run around and play.

One visitor named Jamie described the park’s facilities for the kids in the following words,

“The park on the Pamlico River is a lot of fun. Good for all kids of all abilities. Lots of ramps for kids who may not be able to do stairs. Safety padding around just about everything. They have a swing for the wheelchair bound. Also a shelter to getting out of the sun, and lots of places to sit and enjoy the views of the river and play areas.”

Location: 1001 Park Dr, Washington, NC 27889.

Washington Waterfront Railroad Museum

This museum's displays highlight the railroad industry's heritage in the region. Children may learn about the various engines and train kinds. They will discover details on other tools that were employed in the past.

The museum offers several interactive activities that are designed for children. Children may learn more about the railroad business through these activities. It provides a range of displays and activities meant to inform visitors of all ages.

Website & Location: Corner Of Main and, Gladden St, Washington, NC 27889.

Washington Waterfront Docks

The Washington Waterfront Docks are a popular attraction. It is located in the heart of Washington. The docks are a popular spot for boaters. Children can watch as boats come and go from the harbor.

Children may play safely in the parking area at the Washington Waterfront Docks. Families may unwind and take in the seaside view here. Children may delight in the view and the noises and sights of the port.

Website & Location: 301 W Stewart Pkwy, Washington, NC 27889.

Arts Of The Pamlico

Arts of the Pamlico is a community arts center. It is located in downtown Washington. The center offers a wide range of arts-related programs and activities. These activities are suitable for children of all ages.

They provide kids with a range of art lessons, such as painting, sketching, ceramics, and more. These lessons are intended to foster children's artistic and creative abilities.

Arts of the Pamlico offers a gallery where local artists' creations are shown. Children may go to the gallery and discover more about many types of art.

For children who have a passion for the arts, this arts center is an amazing place to be.

Website & Location: 150 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889.

Parley’s Slip & Steam is an amazing restaurant located in Washington NC. If you are looking for a place in Washington NC with a variety of menus, this restaurant is a great choice.

This place is for Publicity

This place is for Publicity

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