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Things to Do in Washington NC for Date Night

Things to Do in Washington NC for Date Night

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Greetings from Little Washington! In this small coastal village, the local flair is the standout feature. Washington, North Carolina, is a compact but energetic city with a lengthy history. If you don't immerse yourself in the culture there, you haven't really traveled. Let’s check out what you can do for date night!

Extreme Action Park

Searching for a fun-filled indoor park where you can just be silly with your date? How about impressing her with your driving skills? Maybe holding hands while skating? Or even just watching each other fall while bouncing around? Well then, Extreme Action Park is for you!

You can always grab a bite and watch a movie, but here, here is your ultimate one-stop gaming destination!

The track for their go-karting is fantastic! Especially if you like to put the pedal to the metal on turns or drop a gear and disappear during the straight. If you don’t have your driver's license and are new to driving, that’s okay. Extreme Action Park takes all the necessary safety precautions so you and your date will be safe.

Their bounce house is a ton of fun and is open to people of all ages. I would recommend taking off your jewelry though. That’s because you do get tossed more than a caesar salad! Are you scared of falling and embarrassing yourself while skating? There is no need for that. Extreme Action Park offers these cute skating assists that look like walkers. This will keep you upright until you are confident enough to skate unassisted.

Before heading over, don’t forget to check out their Facebook page. They have weekly offers and discounts! This fun thing to do for date night is only 2.2 miles from the heart of Washington NC. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and head on over to 1878 US-17 BUS, Chocowinity, NC.

Down On MainStreet

Down On MainStreet has been up and running for 18 years! It’s a long time to be in the business and let’s find out why!

Down On MainStreet has a 4.4-star Google rating with over 1232 reviews. Their food is known to be excellent with a side of joy! At times you may have to wait for a little bit because they do get busy! Their menu favorites are:

  • Hand-cut choice ribeye
  • Shrimp & fried cheese grits
  • Grilled tuna

All these dishes are large enough to be shared during your date night. However, if you don’t like sharing, then there are plenty of items on the menu to choose from! The environment at Down On MainStreet is very chilled and upbeat. It’s the perfect place if you aren’t looking for fine dining. It’s a great date night venue in Washington NC! Head on over to 107 W Main St, Washington, NC.

Pizza Inn

Nothing screams date night like pizza! But why is pizza considered to be the perfect date night meal? Let’s find out!

Pizza is an excellent first-date choice because it won't break the bank. While being inexpensive, it won't ever come across as a low-cost dating alternative.

Pizza is a comfort dish, and pizza joints frequently feature exceptionally comfortable interiors. This gives them the ideal setting for romantic dates. A quality pizza place will let its customers unwind. You have the chance to become acquainted.

We frequently don't know the other person's culinary preferences when we go on a first date. Pizza is a great choice because it's difficult to find someone who doesn't like it. Get the pizza with half and half of the toppings if you and your date can't decide!

Now that you know why you should choose pizza for your date night, let’s look at why you should choose here.

Pizza Inn offers an extensive menu with tons of specialty dips. Everything is served with a smile in a warm environment. They specialize in freshly made in-house dough. I’ve had it and it’s unbeatable! For the perfect date night, head on over to 1509 Carolina Ave, Washington, NC.

Arts Of The Pamlico

Arts of the Pamlico is one of the state's oldest arts councils. It has served rural eastern North Carolina for 49 years. Its varied population includes people from a variety of backgrounds, occupations, and interests. The center of community-based arts and culture events is the Turnage Theatre. It happened to be built in 1913 as a vaudeville theater and later expanded with a palace theater to the back.

The Turnage is a great place to watch a play, a comedy act, or a movie. In 1913, it was initially constructed as a vaudeville theater.

Massive renovations have been made to the theater. And it is unquestionably worth a trip! In addition, the theater's newly opened Fashion & Entertainment Museum has exhibits of:

  • Costumes
  • Sets

Which are used by celebrities or in movies and TV series. Theaters are usually a fun and distinctive experience! Evidently, they also impress dates! It shows a bit of sophistication with a touch of class. Oh, and your date gets to dress up fancy! So put on your fancy pants and head on over! All of their forthcoming events, along with ticket costs, are listed on their website. Visit their website or go to 150 W Main St in Washington, North Carolina.

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