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Indoor Things to Do in Washington NC

Indoor Things to Do in Washington NC

Washington, NC, is located on the northern bank of the Pamlico river. It’s often called the “Original Washington” or “Little Washington”. It is a small city with a quiet life and a beautiful waterfront. It is also packed with history, you can read about it here

So, if you want to experience the quiet life of Washington, NC, you’re in the right place! This blog shares the best indoor things to do in Washington, NC. Stay tuned and excited; this is a special treat for all art lovers.

The Lemonade Art Gallery

The Lemonade Art Gallery appeals to everyone. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a curious traveler, or seeking something enjoyable. The lively and vibrant setting of the Lemonade Art Gallery showcases excellent creations. From works of regional and local artists and craftspeople to international ones. You can find original paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and more here. You can also buy handmade goods, including ceramics, glassware, and home decor. The gallery allows visitors to learn and interact with art. It has special programs such as classes, workshops, and other events.

A historical and old building houses the Lemonade Art Gallery. The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming, filled with attractive furnishings and artwork. This place serves as a perfect retreat for art buffs.

Diversions Escape Room

The Diversions Escape Room is an immersive and interactive experience. Designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and team-building abilities. Each room features a specific theme. You have enough time to solve the puzzles in each chamber to complete the goal.

There are several distinctive and thrilling experiences available at the Diversions Escape Room. You can discover something to amuse and involve you and your group. From the Mission to Mars to the Pirate's Curse. You can also enjoy the virtual reality experience.

You can work together to solve the puzzles and complete the mission. Also, the atmosphere here is relaxing and welcoming, enabling you to unwind and have fun.

Riverwalk Gallery

The Riverwalk Gallery lies right on the banks of the Tar River. It is a must-see spot for anyone visiting the area. The Riverwalk Gallery features an incredible collection of artwork. They are by regional, local, and international artists. There is art for everyone, from paintings to sculptures. Also, you can get one-of-a-kind presents and keepsakes to remember your trip.

The staff at the gallery is a warm group of professionals. They are enthusiastic about art and the neighborhood. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can even provide advice on how to make the most of your trip.

Throughout the year, visitors can take part in various exhibitions and special activities. There is something for everyone at the Riverwalk Gallery. Whether you want to meet the artists or want to take in the artistic ambiance.

Arts of the Pamlico

Located in the heart of Washington, this place is a must-see attraction when visiting the city. The Arts of the Pamlico celebrates the culture and art of the local Pamlico region. You’ll find a great selection of art galleries, craft shops, and a lot more here. The crafts are distinctive to the area. The galleries display works by regional artisans. From pottery to handmade jewelry and other goods. Everything is available here for a memorable experience.

The place also offers several educational programs besides the gorgeous galleries. Children and adults alike can take part in these activities. It is a unique way to learn about the region's history, culture, and visual arts. Workshops and lectures are also provided. This helps inform guests about the region's unique crafts and culture.

The Arts of the Pamlico is a great place to learn about and comprehend the local culture. No matter if you live there or are passing through, you shouldn't miss this tourist attraction!

Turnage Theater

The Turnage Theater in Washington is a historic movie theatre. It offers a unique and nostalgic experience for all cinema lovers. In 1947, the theatre first saw the light of day. It's now restored to its former condition after extensive renovation. Its interior decor includes old movie posters and other relics. The decor transport guests back in time. The place is excellent for a special date night or a chance to step back in time. The Turnage Theatre shows both vintage and modern films. So there is something for everyone here. Everything from classic black-and-white films to the newest blockbusters is available.

The theatre also offers a variety of food. These include popcorn, desserts, and soft drinks, for a whole movie-going experience. You can also partake in the “Movie Club” membership. And make going to the cinema a routine activity in Washington. Visiting the place is an immersive historical experience. The Turnage Theatre is a great choice whether you're searching for a modern movie night. Or traditional movie experience for a romantic and fun-filled evening.

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After getting accepted to ECU, I started looking for things to do in and around Greenville, NC. However, my searches kept taking me to places in South Carolina! There must be things to do around ECU, so I started asking other students. They kept telling me to graduate and move away! This inspired me to begin exploring eastern North Carolina and build this website as a showcase of the places to go, sights to see, and things to do all over eastern NC. I have fallen in love with this region and started taking up roots here. After graduating, I didn't move away - I bought a house here and continue to explore eastern North Carolina.

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This place is for Publicity

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