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Kid-Friendly Things to Do Around Goldsboro NC

Kid-Friendly Things to Do Around Goldsboro NC

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Are you looking for the perfect outing for the kids? Tired of taking them to the same places over and over again? Well, look no further! I’ve got your back jack! I will take you on a journey to kid friendly places that you can visit around Goldsboro NC. Let’s jump straight into it!

It’s A Zoo Life

With a short drive of 36.6 miles, you can enjoy a unique experience with your kids.

Have you ever wished to hold a lemur on your shoulder, pet a camel, or bounce beside a kangaroo? You now have the opportunity to interact with some of the exotic animals at It's A Zoo Life in Macclesfield, NC. You can visit the animals in their natural habitats and interact with them. It is a lot of fun and different from your typical zoo visit. They put a lot of effort into training all their animals to be sociable and comfortable with people. Their goal is to give visitors a unique, entertaining, and instructive experience. When guests enjoy personal encounters, a trained guide will give information about the:

  • Animals original environments
  • Care needed

As well as humorous stories about daily living with these exotic pets. Around a hundred animals are there at the zoo, my favorites are:

  • Cockatoo
  • Reptiles
  • Kangaroos
  • Wallaby

It’s A Zoo Life makes for one of the perfect kid friendly things to do around Goldsboro NC. They are located at 4313 NC-42, Macclesfield, NC.

Imagination Station Science & History Museum

The Imagination Station Science & History Museum provides:

  • Informal science
  • History education

They provide chances for people of all ages to gain knowledge about how the world functions. Discovering scientific methodology helps us comprehend how science influences our daily lives. Just understanding our past helps us understand our present.

They offer interactive exhibitions. This gives individuals of all ages the ability to discover and wonder about the globe. Through their outreach program, SHOW, they provide educational activities for children. These introduce and reinforce subject matter in the classroom as well as in the museum. Also, they engage the neighborhood by holding free events all year long. These inspire individuals and families to try new things. Always remember, learning comes through experience.

There are many ongoing and recurring exhibition spaces in the Imagination Station. Each exhibit is intended to focus on a particular area of science, technology, or history. Kids truly find this museum to be fascinating and love visiting it! Check it out for yourself by heading on over to 224 Nash St, Wilson, NC. Make this one of your next kid friendly things to do around Goldsboro NC.

Cliffs Of The Neuse State Park

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park's location has been famous outside of NC for many years. Now, you can take your family there for a day trip! The park got its name from the towering cliffs that tower over the Neuse River.

It's a fantastic experience for all ages. Especially for those daring families or those who just love being outside!

If you enjoy hiking, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park has five paths. They let you experience the natural woodlands and riverfront habitats. There are also more activities for you to partake in, such as:

  • Biking
  • Paddling
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking

As you can see, this place is perfect for kid friendly things to do around Goldsboro NC. Cliffs of the Neuse State Park is located at 240 Park Entrance Road, Seven Springs, NC. That is only 14.7 miles away! Head on over and check it out for yourself!

Sampson County History Museum

We all study history in school. But, how much fun is it to study history when you are actually in the location where it occurred?

The Sampson County History Museum is a fantastic resource for information. It provides information on the history and traditions of the county. As well as the neighborhood.

In 1903, the museum only had 5 rooms. Today, it is a place where families can browse through thousands of artifacts. And even relive historical moments together. Each of the structures at the Sampson County History Museum is a special key to the past. This is because it enables you to find a variety of antiquities and antiques. Each of which has a fascinating tale to tell.

These items may have played a very vital role in the life of the families who may have gone through what you are seeing!

Also, the museum is not only inside. It also includes:

  • An outhouse
  • Repurposed gas pumps from the early 1900s
  • A smokehouse
  • Actual millstones

The millstones are from the time when local maize was crushed into a meal.

The Sampson County History Museum is located at 313 Lisbon St, Clinton, NC. This is only 35.5 miles away. So pack your snacks for the short car ride and head on over!

Atomic Laser Dome

A video game has been brought to life. All in a gloomy setting with outstanding visuals and illumination! This is laser tag on steroids!

In this entertaining experience, you compete against other players for the greatest score. Or you can collaborate as a team to outwit and outperform your rivals.

There are several playable variations of Atomic Laser Dome.

On-site there is also a wonderful laser maze! You must maneuver those fantastic laser beams in the quickest time possible! All without touching the light.

Don't forget about the enjoyable arcade where you may attempt to earn the best scores. As well as the enjoyable inflatable slides and indoor play areas!

For this fun day out, head on over to 3525 A South Memorial Dr. Greenville NC.

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