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Best BBQ in Eastern North Carolina

Best BBQ in Eastern North Carolina

The name "barbecue" originates from the Taino language of a Caribbean Indian tribe. Barbacoa is their term for grilling on a high wooden platform. The term "BBQ" was first used in a 1526 description of the West Indies by a Spanish traveler. The aroma of cooking activates the saliva ducts in the mouth. This allows chemicals to be transferred easily. Which, in the end, just makes us crave the delicious meat!

The article that follows has been written based upon,

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each restaurant has received and has been reported within results you’ll find in Google. As many consider Eastern North Carolina BBQ to be the best around, we did our very best to keep our own personal bias from impacting these results! We hope you enjoy the article and perhaps find it useful as a guide in your own search for the Best BBQ in Eastern North Carolina! Yummy! 

Old Colony Smokehouse Edenton NC
4.8 stars 227 reviews

Old Colony Smokehouse is our No.1 ranked BBQ joint. It has a 4.8 star rating from 227 reviews. They serve food that makes you nostalgic for your childhood and home. Each element they employ is well thought out. Every day, they make fresh sides, desserts, and meats. Here, the meat is not drenched with sauce. You get that authentic meat flavor here! Check out their menu here.

Skylight Inn BBQ Ayden NC
4.7 stars 1663 reviews

Skylight Inn BBQ is a renowned restaurant that offers classic Eastern NC-style BBQ. It is a long-time favorite whole hog joint that follows the tradition of cooking the BBQ over an oak wood fire. The menu comes with delightful sides and bread, as well as two signature Skylight In BBQ sauces. One is the famous vinegar-based Skylight Inn Grill sauce.

B's BBQ in Greenville NC
4.7 stars 820 reviews

B's BBQ is a family-run BBQ that has been successful for over 40 years. It is served with a side of vinegar sauce and offers a variety of sides, as well as an extra sauce to add to the flavor. Besides their amazing BBQ, visitors can enjoy such delicious sides as:

  • Beans
  • Pulled chicken
  • Hush puppies

Hardison's Carolina BBQ Jamesville NC
4.7 stars 393 reviews

Hardison's Carolina BBQ is a 24-year-old restaurant in Jamesville. They offer a scrumptious menu of BBQ pork, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. All the dishes are well-priced, making them a popular choice for locals.

The Original Parker's Barbecue Wilson NC
4.5 stars 4129 reviews

Founded in 1946 and debuted in Wilson is The Original Parker’s Barbecue. At first, Parker’s was split into two before joining forces and becoming the masterpiece it is today. This family-friendly restaurant specializes in:

  • Consistency
  • Good food

When visiting, you need to try their hogs! It is perfectly seasoned and mixed with just the right amount of red pepper sauce and vinegar!

Marty's Wilson NC
4.5 stars 1894 reviews

Marty's is located in Red Springs, NC. It specializes in barbecue cuisine. The restaurant was originally a convenience store. It later turned into a busy restaurant with a friendly atmosphere and good service. Try Marty’s ice tea! It complements the BBQ so well!

Sheps Grill Washington NC
4.5 stars 227 reviews

Shep's Grill is an exciting breakfast and brunch spot in Washington NC. It serves local shrimp and catfish from NC. However, Its excellent burgers and brisket are its real draws. Everyone can find something there. They are renowned for using only local, fresh ingredients. To guarantee quality and freshness, it collaborates with numerous local suppliers!

Sam Jones BBQ Restaurant Winterville NC
4.4 stars 2017 reviews

One of the most well-known restaurants in the area is Sam Jones BBQ Restaurant. It specializes in authentic barbecue. It is renowned for its top-notch meats, which include:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey

Sam Jones Barbecue is renowned for its array of traditional southern sides as well.

Jacksons Big Oak BBQ Wilmington NC
4.4 stars 742 reviews

Since 1984, the Wilmington, NC, area has relied on Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue as a mainstay. They offer authentic barbecue as well as a selection of side dishes. Quality meals are still being served by Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue.

Parker's Barbecue Greenville NC
4.2 stars 1200 reviews

Parker's Barbeque opened its first location in March 1970, followed by two more. It is a family-run enterprise. Parker's Barbecue has been serving families in eastern NC and beyond for more than 50 years! It has long been praised as the country's most authentic hog barbecue.

Smithfields Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q
4.2 stars 859 reviews

The first Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q restaurant debuted in 1964. They put a lot of effort into providing the finest eating experience possible! They do so by presenting always-fresh, swift, and top-notch food. They respect their customers and prioritize authenticity above trends. Their restaurants embrace families and offer party boxes and bulk food items.

Shaws Barbecue House Williamston NC
4.2 stars 593 reviews

Having a delicious barbecue in the neighborhood is easy at Shaw's Barbecue House. It has a wide selection of meats, including briskets and luscious pulled pork. They give their meats a rich, smoky flavor by cooking them over a wood-fired pit.

Hog Heaven BBQ Washington NC
4.2 stars 359 reviews

Looking for a well-known eatery in eastern NC? With mouthwatering barbecue cuisine? Check out Hog Heaven BBQ. It opened in 1993 and is located close to a number of tourist hotspots. They serve a range of sandwiches, including trout or flounder sandwiches. They also provide a take-out option for those seeking the greatest BBQ in town.

Beary Smokey Smokehouse Kinston NC
3.2 stars 12 reviews

The foods and flavors at Beary Smokey Smokehouse are distinctive! Try out the pepper jack mac and cheese and sweet potato souffle. He is also a creator, having come up with the "Collard Balls" dish for the establishment. The restaurant delivers a distinctive experience and focuses on love and family.

And with that, you now have the best BBQ joints in Eastern NC! I wish you many tasty bites and delicious flavors!

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